La Dirección de Docencia e Investigación coordinan, evalúa y controla la actividad de residentes, internos, becarios, fellows, profesionales honorarios, alumnos nacionales y extranjeros.

El área de Actividades de Investigación, se encarga de autorizar, evaluar y monitorear ensayos clínicos y protocolos de investigación. También, asesora a profesionales en metodología de la investigación y mantiene convenios con instituciones nacionales y extranjeras.

In Finland, doctoral examinations are intently interwoven with postulation inquire about. No broad separate course work is done before starting a doctoral task; rather, classes and course work (40-80 ECTS) are correlative to the proposal venture and intended to help it. A doctoral proposition can be finished either as a monograph or as a synopsis of articles. In Humanities, most doctoral students (83%) embrace a monograph exposition. These students frequently take an interest in workshops, and supervision depends on boss student dyads instead of serious work done in examine gatherings. In Medicine (96%) and Behavioral Sciences (66%), most applicants have to hop over to this website to attempt article-based theses for the most part comprising of 3-5 universally refereed diary articles co-created with the chief and other senior specialists, just as a short outline including a presentation and dialog. The articles and synopses are commonly written in English. The article-based expositions are normally finished in an examination bunch milieu. They frequently center around taking care of by and large shared research issues identified with a manager’s exploration ventures. The normal measure of time it takes to finish a degree in Medicine is 6 years and 10 months, Behavioral Sciences (Education) 6 years and 2 months, and Humanities 6 years and 8 months. Doctoral education is freely supported and costs the student nothing with the exception of everyday costs. The most run of the mill wellspring of pay among doctoral competitors in Medicine, Behavioral Sciences and Humanities is an individual award.